Finally the long-awaited start to the blog that I’ve been meaning to write. This is mostly going to revolve around my trials with respect to my linux challenges as well as the continuous education I am and will be undertaking that is quite relevant in the networking/security industry. I’ve never fully committed to a blog although in my teens I’ve embarked on the journey only to have the excitement die down after a couple of weeks. This mostly due to the lack of content I was able to produce at the time. Here’s a short post just to get started.

I’m currently studying for my JNCIA-Junos certification. I’ve found out the hard way after failing once thinking I would be able to just get by and pass. The breakdown of the result of the test showed that my networking fundamentals was extremely weak. This is a very alarming sign as everything my future career is based off of is on the fundamentals. I’ve revisited my college textbook that is published by Cisco that goes in depth about the fundamentals. I seem to be quite weak with subnetting and have figured out a way to make the process easier. I will talk about this more in an upcoming post.

That’s it for now!